Our Mission

St. Xavier College envisions the holistic personal formation – academically competent, intellectually alert, morally upright, religiously oriented, socially conscious, culturally distinct and nationally integrated to build a peace-loving generation of just people with dedication and commitment and with a keen sense of responsibility before God and humanity.


The candle, burning and spending itself, is a symbol of selfless service. The sunrise is a sign of hope. It cheers hearts and invigorates minds of people

The Cross represents the suffering of Jesus Christ, who overcame them through resurrection. This is to remind every student that anyone who is willing to undergo pain shall achieve success for sure.

The Three Lines in red, white and black represent the cultural heritage of Nagaland especially the Zeliangrong, the major tribe of the region.

The Open Book stands for knowledge in every field, inviting staff and students to explore and unravel the mysteries of nature and achievement of men, and thus to come closer to the Creator and to one another by emulating the example of the heavenly Patron of the College, St. Francis Xavier.

Aims and Objectives

  • To achieve academic excellence.
  • To enhance students skills and efficiency.
  • To enable students to be employable.
  • To develop value-based personality.
  • To initiate social leadership in students.
  • To make higher education relevant, practical and useful to life.