NAME:           The name of the Society shall be St. Xavier College Society.



The Principal office of the Society will be situated in the State of Nagaland. Its present address is: St. Xavier College, Jalukie P.O. , Peren (Dt), Nagaland – 797 110.


OBJECTS:      The objects for which the Society is established are:

a)            To administer and run an institution   of higher   education under the name of 

St. Xavier College at Jalukie and conducted under the auspices of the Catholic Diocese of Kohima.

b)         To Support and promote diffusion of knowledge and advancement of educational               activities in all its branches including academic, vocational, technical, professional,               cultural, social, spiritual and moral education, for all persons irrespective of race, caste,               community  or social status.


For the promotion and realization of these objects and purposes:


a) To hold and conduct classes, lectures, conferences, seminars, research and to give scholarships, diplomas, certificates and awards as and when thought fit.
b) To operate, maintain, and from time to time, alter, extend and close down model and demonstration agricultural and animal husbandry farms, demonstration of small- scale and cottage industries, extension services and centres.
c) To print, publish and exhibit films, journals, periodicals, books and other reading and pictorial matter for the diffusion of knowledge and in keeping with the educational ideals of the society.
d) To provide residential accommodation, either free of cost or for consideration, and to educate, train and assist financially or otherwise in the education of teachers, staff, students and other personnel for the purposes of the society.
e) To raise funds and solicit and receive gifts, donation  or foundation, grants and subsidies, scholarships and to undertake and carry out the offices, duties and functions of trustees, managers and administrators, solely or jointly with others, with respect to of such gifts, donations  or grants whether vested in the Society or otherwise.
f) To acquire movable or immovable property of any tenure mainly in the state of Nagaland and also in any other part of India, as the needs of the society may require, either by way of purchase absolutely or by way of lease, exchange gift, or any other form of acquisition at such rates and terms as the Governing body of the society may agree to.
g) To construct such building or buildings and structures and to equip and furnish them as may be necessary and from time to time improve, alter or extend or demolish the same or any part thereof.
h) To alienate by way of sale, transfer, mortgage, loan, exchange, gift or in any other manner whatsoever the properties and funds of the society or any portion thereof, as from time to time may seem necessary or appropriate.
i) To do all other such lawful acts and deeds as are essential or conducive to the attainment of the objects of the society.