1.         INTERPRETATION:            In these Rules and Regulations

            a.         The Society shall mean the St. Xavier College Society.
            b.         Governing Body shall mean the Governing Body of the society constituted as provided in these Rules and Regulations.
            c.         The Act shall mean the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 read along with the Nagaland Act regarding Registered Societies of 1969.
            d.         The Bishop shall mean the head of the Catholic Church in Nagaland, the designation being the Bishop of Kohima.
            e.         Diocese of Kohima shall mean association or fellowship of all persons professing Catholic faith under the leadership of the Bishop.

2.         MEMBERSHIP:         The members of the society shall be such members of the Diocese of Kohima and such other persons, as from time to time may be called upon in writing by the Governing Body to be members of the society and who shall intimate their consent by affixing their signature in the Register of members maintained by the Society.


The Governing Body shall have power to decide, by simple majority of votes, without being bound to give any reason for such action, to terminate at any time in writing the membership of any member of the society. On termination of his membership as aforesaid, such member shall forthwith cease to be a member of the society and to have any right or claim whatsoever to any rights or privileges of membership of the society and of the Governing Body or to any property of the society.


3.         PROPERTY AND INCOME:            The property and income of the society shall be applied solely to the promotion of the objects of the society as set forth in the memorandum of Association, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly in any manner whatsoever to any member of the society, provided that nothing herein stated  shall prevent the payment in good faith of remuneration to  or reimbursement of any officer or employee of the society or to the person for any services actually rendered or expenses previously authorized and actually incurred for the purpose of the society.


4.         GOVERNING BODY:           The management and control of the society shall be vested in a Governing Body consisting of not less than seven members of whom the Bishop of the Diocese of Kohima, Vicar General of the Diocese of Kohima and the Principal of  St. Xavier College, Jalukie shall be ex-officio members of the Governing Body.

The other members of the Governing Body shall be nominated by the President. The nominated members shall hold office initially for a period of three years, which is renewable for another term.

Any vacancies in the Governing Body except those of the ex-officio members shall be filled by the president.


The Bishop of Kohima will be the Ex-officio President of the Society. He presides over all the meetings of the society – General or of the Governing Body.


The Vicar – General of the diocese of Kohima will be the Ex-officio Vice-President of the Society. He will act for the president during the absence of the president.


The Principal of St. Xavier College, Jalukie shall be the Ex-officio Secretary. He will record minutes of meetings and maintain all records of the society, and perform executive functions of the society on behalf of the Governing Body.


The administrator of the college shall be the Treasurer of the society. He shall, under the careful supervision of the Governing Body shall manage all the financial aspects of the society and shall maintain proper accounts of the society.


The first Governing Body of the society shall consist of the following persons:

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1. Rt. Rev. Jose Mukala Bishop’s House Kohima   –  Nagaland President Bishop of Kohima
2. Rev. Mathew Keemattam Vicar – General, Diocese of Kohima, Bishop’s House Kohima Vice- President Vicar – General, Diocese of Kohima,
3. Rev. Jose Lukose Principal, St.XavierCollege Jalukie – Nagaland Secretary Principal,St.XavierCollege,  Jalukie -Nagaland
4. Rev. Joseph Lukka Administrator, St.XavierCollege Jalukie – Nagaland Treasurer Administrator,St.XavierCollege, Jalukie – Nagaland
5. Rev. Joseph Ottukalathil Procurator, Bishop’s House Dimapur – Nagaland Member Procurator, Bishop’s House Dimapur- Nagaland
6. Rev. John S. Kavas Parish Priest,  St. Xavier Church, Jalukie – Nagaland Member Parish Priest,St. Xavier Church, Jalukie – Nagaland
7. Mr. Kevipele Iheilung C/o Catholic Church,JalukieTown, 797110, Nagaland Member Social Worker


5.         POWERS OF THE GOVERNING BODY:  The Governing Body shall have the entire control and management of the business and affairs of the society and shall have all such powers of the society enabling them generally to carry out the objects of the society. The Governing Body shall also have the powers if permitted by law, from time to time to make, amend vary and repeal by-laws for the transaction and regulation of the business and affairs both of the society and of itself. But no by-law shall be made, varied or repealed by the Governing Body so as to conflict with or to revoke any subsisting by-law made by the society. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing powers, the Governing Body shall have the following powers of the society, namely,


a.         For any of the objects and purposes of the society to employ and procure the assistance of and to suspend, discharge and dismiss lecturers, researchers, attenders and any other personnel or staff either for remuneration or gratuitously on such terms as the governing body may deem fit.


b.         To apply for, receive and utilize any government, municipal  or other grants or allowances in connection with any institution, work, activity or property held or conducted by the society or other wise and to deal with the same according to the terms thereof.


c.         To solicit, receive, administer and use any gift, donation, subscription or foundation, in kind or money or any other property, whether subject to any trust or not, for any of the objects of the society and to undertake and carry out the offices, duties and functions or trustees, managers and administrators, either solely or jointly with another or others for or in respect of any gifts, donations, trusts, foundation or property, whether vested in the society or otherwise, notwithstanding that the carrying out of any such trusts may involve the exercise of powers not specifically mentioned therein.


d.         To invest and deal with the funds and money of the society, not immediately required, in such deposits and securities as the governing body may from time to time at their discretion deem fit, and at the like discretion from time to time, to vary and transpose such investments into or for others of any kind, but in keeping with the requirements of the income tax act as amended from time to time.


e.         To negotiate and enter into any arrangements with any government, state, university, municipality or any other public or private authority, body or association which may seem beneficial or conducive to any of the objects of the society.


f.          To purchase, take on lease or exchange, or otherwise  acquired, manage, administer and deal with any movable or immovable property, rights and privileges which may deemed necessary, expedient or desirably for any of the objects of the society.


g.         To borrow or receive money or deposit upon such terms and with or without security on all or any of the property and assets of the society, present or future, as the governing body shall deem necessary or expedient.


h.         To deposit monies in any bank or banks either in saving or current accounts, fixed deposits or accounts or any other description and to withdraw such monies in government post offices or in Co-operative societies and to withdraw such monies from time to time or at any time, on such terms and in such manner as the governing body may deem fit.


i.          To provide for the welfare of the persons employed by or connected with the society and the dependents of such persons by establishing and contributing to provident and benefit funds and by giving pensions, gratuities, bonus or allowances, or by grants of money or otherwise as the governing body may deem fit.


j.          To maintain a repair fund to meet the expenses of a capital nature and to pay into such fund monies at such times and in such amounts as the governing body may from time to time decide.


k.         To establish and maintain a reserve fund such amount as the governing body may think fit, for the promotion of the activities of the society.


l.          To enter into and carry out arrangements for joint working or for amalgamation with any other association, society or institution having objects in common or similarly to the objects of the society.


m.        To appoint such person or persons as the governing body may deem fit for the purpose of representing the society and/ or the governing body in any legal or other proceedings to be instituted by or against the society and/or the governing body.


n.         To appoint, remove or delegate all or any powers of the governing body to a committee or committees consisting of such member or members of the governing body and/another or others as the governing body may from time to time deem necessary or expedient.


o.         Generally to do all such other things as may be deemed by the governing body to incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the society.




6.         MEETINGS: (i)          Annual General Meetings:  The Annual General Meeting of the society shall be held at such time and place as the president may determine for the following purposes:


a.         To receive the report of the Governing Body, the financial statements of the society and the Auditor’s Report for the preceding year.


b.         To reconstitute the Governing Body if necessary according to Rule 4 and above.


c.         To appoint an auditor for the current year.



d.         To transact any other business which may be brought forward by any member of the Governing Body or of the society with the previous permission of the president.



(ii)        Extraordinary General Meetings:         The Governing Body may call an extraordinary general meeting of the society whenever in their opinion they may deem it necessary.



(iii)       Governing Body meeting:        Meetings of the Governing Body shall be held at such times and places as the president or the vice-president in the absence of the president or in consultation with the president from time to time may determine.




7.         QUORUM AND VOTING:   The quorum at all general meetings of the society shall be one third of the members on the Register of Membership or four whichever is higher.

At all meetings of the society or the governing body or any committee every member shall have one vote. The chairman shall have a second or casting vote in case of equality of votes. A simple majority is required and enough for any resolution to be considered passed.

8          .MANAGING COMMITTEE OF THE COLLEGE:            There shall be a managing committee for the actual administration and management of St. XavierCollege whose composition and functions shall be determined by the Governing Body.

9.         PROPERTY EXECUTION OF DEEDS:      All the property and funds of the society shall vest in the Governing Body. The president or any member of the Governing Body as may be authorized by the Governing Body in his place and stead shall on behalf of the society make, sign and complete all contracts, licenses, transfers and other documents necessary to purchase, take on lease or hire or otherwise acquire, dispose of or otherwise to deal with any movable and immovable property of all descriptions for and on behalf of the society.

10.       AMENDMENTS AND AMALGAMATION:            Deletions, amendments, additions to the clauses of the memorandum of association and rules and regulations of the society shall be made as provided in the Societies Registration Act (Nagaland) 1969.Amalgamation with other registered societies having similar objects is permissible as provided in law.

11.       DISSOLUTION:         In the event of dissolution of the society in accordance with the provisions of the Societies Registration Act of 1860 after meeting all the debts, the property and all assets of the society shall be given to some other association with similar objects or part of them.

12.      FINANCIAL YEAR:  The financial year of the society shall be from April to March.


CERTIFIED that the above is true and correct copy of the Rules and Regulations of the St. Xavier College Society.

1.Bishop Jose Mukala, President:  Sd/-


2. Fr. Jose Lukose, Secretary   : Sd/


3.Fr. Joseph Lukka, Treasurer : Sd/-

Date: 20/10/2008                                                                                                                   Sd/-

Place: Jalukie.                                                                                                         Secretary

 St. Xavier College Society.