About the College

ST. XAVIER COLLEGE is a venture of the Diocese of Kohima in imparting higher education, inspired by the vision for humanity drawn from the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. Christian education recognizes the vast potentialities latent in man’s faculties of mind, heart and body, and tries to bring them out and develop them in a balanced manner. It also takes into account the social and economic dimensions of life. Hence Christian institutions place before their staff and students high ideals of humanism and service towards which they are continually invited to strive. It makes education a formative process in order to recognize others as persons to acknowledge God as Creator and to be worthy to serve both God and People.

ST. XAVIER COLLEGE is situated at Jalukie Town on the Athibung road under Peren District of Nagaland State. Its campus is spread out within 40 acres of plain stretch of land .   The climate is neither too hot nor too cold but pleasant for learners. It is one of the many educational institutions run by the Catholic Church in Nagaland under the Diocese of Kohima.

ST. XAVIER COLLEGE, Jalukie was inaugurated by His Excellency Shri. Shyamal Dutta, former Governor of Nagaland, on 17th May 2005. The college is a coeducational institution and it admits students to Degree Course. It was affiliated to the Nagaland University in 2005, obtained Permanent Affiliation on 30/11/2011 and received recognition from the UGC under 2(f) & 12B of the UGC Act 1956 on 21/05/2012.

ST. XAVIER COLLEGE is the fulfillment of the vision and dream of the first Bishop of Nagaland Late Rt. Rev. Abraham Alanjimattathil and Late Mr. Namghaheing the then Chairman of the Zeliang Tribal Council who invited the Catholic Mission to Jalukie for various developmental activities and materialized  by Rt. Rev. Jose Mukala the former Bishop of Nagaland. We are grateful to the persons who worked sincerely to establish the College in its initial stages like Rev. Fr. Sunny Joseph who was asked to be the Incharge of the College, Rev. Fr. James P. and Rev. Fr. C.P. Anto who assisted and Mr. Kevipele Iheilung, and Late Mr. Heikiding, who offered their  service, the Civil Administration, the Old Jalukie Village Council and Public Leaders for their full support.



In the light of the vision stated above, the College makes every effort to help the students in the following ways:

ð    to make a harmonious blend of faith and culture,

ð    to become men and women of right principles,

ð    to strive continually after excellence in every field,

ð    to be selfless in the service of their fellow human being,

ð    to bring about social justice, and

ð    to make education  more relevant, practical and useful to life.


The vision of the College, is the formation of the whole person- intellectually alert, morally upright, religiously oriented, socially conscious, culturally distinct and nationally integrated to build  peace loving generation of just people  with dedication and commitment with a keen sense of  responsibility before God and humanity.